Two years ago while at Disneyland with my daughter I realized EVERYONE had their noses down in their phones. I could only spot a few people that were actually looking up and enjoying the present moment. 

We are all guilty of doing this with the conveniences that technology offers us. It seems like such a benefit to have until we actually look at the bigger picture and see that most people are missing out on the very thing they are trying to capture with their phones. 

Me and my wife soon after deleted our Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. I kept my LinkedIn. It took awhile to adapt to the change but soon we realized that the things we were doing felt more meaningful and intimate. We don’t have to show the world what we are doing, what we are eating, places we visited, etc. We were just doing it and absorbing it, it is liberating!

I understand the importance of marketing and networking, I get grief about this constantly being a photographer. Deleting these apps comes at a price but it’s completely worth it because my family life and personal life has improved 100%. 

I can see the irony in this post, it would be extreme to think we should get rid of our apps and technology completely. However, I do think it has gotten out of control and cutting back on how much we use these things is reasonable. Give it a shot and see how it changes your life for the better.


It’s been way too long since I last upgraded my camera.  My primary camera for the last 8 years has been the Canon MKII.  I decided to skip the MKIII because I felt like the upgrades on it weren’t significant enough to justify the cost.  When the MKIV was announced I felt like a little boy on Christmas morning.  I know there are a lot of other really good camera bodies out there, including the Sony A7RII, which I just about moved over to.  I decided to stay with Canon because I have invested so much money in canon lenses. I also read that the lens adapter for the Sony created some lag with the autofocus.  Needless to say my patience paid off.  Shooting with this camera is so amazing.  The images are so crisp and sharp, the fact I can shoot over a 800 ISO with crystal clear resolution is a game changer in my line of work.  I took this out the first night I had it and shot on 3200 ISO / 1/500 / F2.8 and I was getting perfect shots stopping motion with hardly any noise or color shifts.  I honestly couldn’t tell the difference shooting at this ISO than I could on my MKII at 400 ISO.  Besides that it is loaded with WI-FI which means tethering and sending these images straight to my mobile phone will be so much faster and more convenient.  The screen is now a touch screen, which is fun.  The resolution is higher (30megapixel) my MKII was 22,  Overall the images I have created with this body are already night and day from my previous camera.   I can’t wait to get out there and create my best work yet.  

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