I currently reside in Salt Lake City, Utah with my wife, Morgen and our 2 daughters.  We love being together as a family while traveling the world, listening to good music, cooking vegan meals and hiking with our German Wirehair dog, Oswald Jenkins.

I first discovered my love for photography when I was 16 years old while taking my first photography class in high school. I was addicted instantly. I continued my education in Visual Art and Design.  Soon after graduating college I opened my own studio and started shooting to build up my portfolio. After getting my work out into world I had clients knocking on my door. Most of them were from within the beauty industry, a few television networks (MTV, Paramount) and a few record labels (Ghostly International and Universal Records). Today I'm mainly shooting Editorial/Commercial/Portrait work.

Partial Client List

29029 Everesting 

Dish Network



U.S Army

Paul Mitchell


Bjorns Brew

Top Form




Paramount Network 

Brighton Ski Resort

G Star Raw

Sam Villa

Taylor Andrews Academy

Lunatic Fringe Salons

Tiara Protein

Universal Records


Ghostly International

Latoya Jackson

Hale Centre Theatre

Yellowstone (Series)


Luerzer's Archive | Featured as the 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide 2010/2011

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