We are husband and wife photographers who currently reside in Salt Lake City, Utah with our 2 daughters.  We love being together as a family while traveling the world, listening to good music, cooking vegan meals and hiking with our German Wirehair dog, Oswald Jenkins.

I first discovered my love for photography when I was 16 years old while taking my first photography class in high school. I was addicted instantly. I continued my education in Visual Art and Design.  Soon after graduating college I opened my own studio and started shooting to build up my portfolio. After getting my work out into world I had clients knocking on my door. Most of them were from within the beauty industry, a few television networks (MTV, Paramount) and a few record labels (Ghostly International and Universal Records). Today I'm shooting everything from Advertising, Beauty, Fashion, Portraiture, Journalism, Editorial, Lifestyles and everything in between.

Morgen is a brilliant artist that extends beyond just photography.  She is an incredible illustrator and writer as well. Our creative energy together is so strong that it was only right that we joined forces to make a team.  We are available for assignments individually or together.  Whether we are shooting, editing, marketing or just book keeping we just love that we get to do what we love together and wouldn't have it any other way.

Partial Client List

29029 Everesting 

Dish Network



U.S Army

Paul Mitchell


Bjorns Brew

Top Form




Paramount Network 

Brighton Ski Resort

G Star Raw

Sam Villa

Taylor Andrews Academy

Lunatic Fringe Salons

Tiara Protein

Universal Records


Ghostly International

Latoya Jackson

Hale Centre Theatre

Yellowstone (Series)


Luerzer's Archive | Featured as the 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide 2010/2011

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